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If you’d like to get a head start on uploading your animal information for the Buffalo County Fair, here’s your chance. All animal information for 4-H members must be in 4HOnline by May 1, 2017. Meat animals will add information shortly after weigh-in takes place in February or April.


Getting Started

 To get started with the re-enrollment process, log into 4HOnline (wi.4honline.com) with your family email and password.

On the family home screen, click on the orange button labeled Continue to Family.

On your Member/Volunteer list, find the family member you wish to add an animal for and click on Edit next to their name.

Add an animal

At the top left menu bar, click on the button for Animals / Livestock.

This will bring you to the Add an Animal screen where you will first select an animal type from the drop down menu. Select the animal type you wish to add identification information. Click Add Animal when done.

The next screen is the Animal Information screen. Members will need to complete the animal identification information for each field box provided. Follow the sample provided in the blue text on the right column. The information required varies by animal type. Some information is optional, but most are required.

When you have entered all of the required fields, check the “I verify the information for this animal is accurate” box. Click Save when done.

Review the Animal Reports to ensure the data entered is correct. Animal reports can be printed by creating a PDF report. Under Animal Reports, select Animal and Report: Animal – Information from the drop downs. The PDF report is automatically generated.

To change information for any animal, click Edit / View near the corresponding Animal Name. Animal information can also be printed from this screen by clicking on the Print Animal Information button outlined in a green box near the top of the page.

Repeat for each animal you plan to bring to the Buffalo County Fair. The animal identification information can remain in 4HOnline for multiple years for project animals that are shown at consecutive Fairs.


Click here for the printable PDF instruction sheet.





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