Magician Gives Message to Buffalo County Sixth Graders

On March 10, 2017 at Gilmanton High School all sixth graders in Buffalo County participated in the annual Buffalo County Partnership Council Sixth Grade Day. Sixth graders from all four school districts of Cochrane-Fountain City, Alma, Mondovi and Gilmanton engaged in the event.  The program was hosted by the Buffalo County Partnership Council, a group of teachers, students, county agencies, and community organizations that work to strengthen positive youth and family development in Buffalo County.

Sixth Grade Day focused on preparing young people to start their middle school experience on the right foot.   Kelvin the Magician utilized a mix of motivation and magic to encourage young people to think critically about the actions to take when faced by a peer bully. Kelvin’s ventriloquist puppet, Charlie, shared with students the message to “Tell An Adult” when they are being socially, emotionally or physically bullied by another student.

The final part of sixth grade engaged students in interactive experiences with other students from other schools. Gilmanton Buffalo County Partnership Council members Elizabeth Lay and Kayla Hostetter led a “pinky link” connection activity as well as a portrait of your partner experience. Students enjoyed engaging with fellow sixth grade students.



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