Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA) Date Set

All meat animal exhibitors must complete the Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA) Level III training every year to be eligible to sell their animal(s) at the Buffalo County Fair.  The training will be offered on Monday, March 27, 2017 in three locations.  The training will take place at the Buffalo County Courthouse in Alma and will be available via video conference at Mondovi and C-FC schools.

MAQA Training

Monday, March 27, 2017

6:30 pm

4th Floor Conference Room

Buffalo County Courthouse, Alma, WI

Distance locations:

Mondovi Public School Cafeteria

Cochrane-Fountain City School Commons Area

Exhibitors must register for the MAQA training by March 20th, 2017.  Contact the UW-Extension office at 608-685-6256 or to register.  Space is limited at Alma location.


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