Program Coordinator for CFC 4-H Afterschool Needed

Summer just started but my minds on fall already… Do you know of a great college students age 21 or older that are interested in an amazing opportunity to provide leadership for our 4-H Afterschool program at C-FC? If so, send them our way, please!

2017 4-H Afterschool Program Coordinator position description

Title:                                       C-FC 4-H Afterschool Program Coordinator


Office Location:                    Cochrane Fountain City School, Fountain City, WI


Employment Period:            Fall 2017 & Spring Semester 2018; 3:00pm – 6:00pm; Monday-Friday (days negotiable)



4-H Afterschool Program Coordinator Responsibilities:

  1. Work with 4-H Youth Development Educator to carry out program planning, supervision and delivery of 4-H afterschool program at Cochrane-Fountain City School.
    1. Develop, plan, coordinate, teach and evaluate educational programs.
    2. Create weekly written program plans that work to achieve targeted academic and 4-H life skills goals.
    3. Engage youth in educational experiences and encourage young people to assist in program planning, as appropriate.
    4. Maintain a safe, clean environment for youth.
    5. Supervise youth and implement appropriate risk management strategies.
    6. Build suitable relationships with youth and their parents/guardians.
    7. Safely retain enrollment and health forms and keep accurate financial and registration records. Practice fiscal responsibility.
    8. Manage daily attendance and report weekly numbers to UW-Extension staff.
    9. Provide a healthy snack. Conduct shopping for snack and other supplies as appropriate.
  2. Serve as link of communication between the 4-H Afterschool Committee, 4-H Afterschool high school mentors, 4-H afterschool students and their parents/guardians, adult volunteers and the UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator, as necessary.
  3. Assist in 4-H Afterschool promotion, recruitment, fundraising and short term programming as opportunities arise.
  4. Serve as an advisor to high school mentors and other college paid staff by providing leadership and guidance as appropriate.


Required Knowledge & Skill Qualifications:

  1. Be 21 years of age and a current student at a two year or four year university or technical school throughout the duration of employment.
  2. Positive attitude and commitment to teamwork in collaborative environment.
  3. Values life-long learning and views position as a learning experience.
  4. Strong commitment to youth development principles and practices. Able to identify and build assets in youth and connects youth to community and community to youth.
  5. Strong organizational and communication skills.
  6. Ability to work well with adult volunteers and youth.
  7. Ability to creatively and flexibly solve problems as they arise.
  8. Ability to be self-directed.
  9. Experience in youth related outreach education or formal teaching preferred.

Compensation:         $9-$10/hour starting. Reimbursement for official job travel, meals, etc. will be provided according to policy.

Condition of Hire:     Per UWEX Policy, applicants will be submitted for a background                                         screening prior to employment. Applicants must have a valid                                              driver’s license and proof of insurability.

Application Procedure and Deadline:

Send a cover letter, resume, and names, address, telephone number and email of three current references by August 1, 2017 or ASAP to:

Annie Lisowski

Buffalo County UW-Extension

407 S. 2nd St.

P O BOX 276

Alma, WI 54610


Voice: 608-685-6256

Fax: 608-685-6259

                         Interviews will be ongoing throughout June, July and August 2017 until a successful applicant is hired.

Equal Opportunity:

The University of Wisconsin Extension provides affirmative action and equal opportunity in education, programming and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, gender/sex, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, marital or parental status, arrest or conviction record, or veteran status.

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