2017-2018 Candy Bar Sales Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Candy Bar Sale this year.  The sale was a great success! Below are the results of the club sales based on the number of candy bar boxes divided by the number of active members the club has enrolled. This will help determine the order to select shifts at the Buffalo County Fair 4-H Leaders Association Food Stand. Congratulations also to our top three family sellers!

Club Results

1st.  Hill and Hollow Helping Hands 4-H Club

2nd.  Lookout Legends 4-H Club

3rd.  Hilltop Climbers 4-H Club

4th.  Bear Creek 4-H Club

5th.  Clover 4-H Club

6th.  Cheerful Workers 4-H Club

7th.  Golden Hornets 4-H Club

8th.  BBC 4-H Club

9th.  Mill Creek 4-H Club

10th.  Glencoe Hustlers 4-H Club

11th.  Lucky 16 4-H Club

12th.  Montana Pioneers 4-H Club

Top Selling Families

1st Place – The Hunger Family from Hill and Hollow Helping Hands 4-H Club

2nd Place – The George Family from Hilltop Climbers 4-H Club & The Gore family from Bear Creek 4-H Club.


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