2018 4-H Educational Travel Opportunties

These are the educational travel opportunities for Buffalo County 4-H members for 2018. As more information is available it will be added to this webpage. 



FIVE stands for Finding Interesting Varieties in Everyone and FIVE diversity trip delegates have enjoyed learning about multiculturalism (appreciating different cultures) in a diverse location closer to home is a program that introduces 6th – 8th graders of the current year to concepts of diversity, acceptance, and tolerance of other individuals! Cost is approximately $300.

Travel is usually in early July for 1-2 nights. Marie Ritscher, Pepin County, will plan FIVE for 2018 to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


Space Camp

4-H Missions in Space program is a fun-filled extended weekend in April at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama where participants will complete a simulated Space Shuttle mission, experience training simulators, tour the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and learn about becoming an astronaut. Space Camp is open to youth in 6-8th grades. The cost of the trip is approximately $650.

More information about 2018 travel at :Space Camp Promotional Flyer


State 4-H & Youth Conference

The State 4-H & Youth Conference will be held in June on the UW-Madison campus.  Up to 10 youth can attend from Buffalo County to become involved in a variety of seminars, tours, general assemblies and recreational opportunities.  4-H club involvement and leadership are important considerations.  Participants must be in 7th, 8th or 9th grade in the current school year.  Conference registration and transportation costs about $300, plus any incurred seminar fees.

 June 25-28, 2018 (Mon.-Thurs.) More information is on the state webpage


Out-of-State Service Learning

Buffalo County can name several youth as delegates on a service-learning trip to a different location out of state each year. On the trip, youth will complete a service project, learn about diverse cultures in a new state, and hope to meet with other youth from the state as well. Travel is by airplane. Participants must be in the 9th-12th grades in the current school year.  Cost is approximately $1300 plus the cost of a legal form of U.S. identification for travel (if needed).

****NEW**** We’re going for it!

Chaperones – Annie Lisowski and Donn Moe

Cost $1200 plus meals

Dates are likely July 13-20

Travel to Palm Desert, California; Stay at Desert Springs Marriott in Palm Desert, California;  Fly United from Minneapolis to Palm Springs, California

Possible experiences transitional homeless shelter, national parks and Salton sea, aerial tram car, zoo and botanical gardens, California 4-H


American Spirit

The American Spirit Trip is a Northwest Region bus travel experience to Amish Country in Pennsylvania, New York City, Plymouth Rock, Boston and Niagara Falls. On the trip, youth will be responsible for conducting a teachable moment about a topic related to American history, learn about the many steps taken to gain the U.S. independence and freedom and gain a better understanding of America’s heritage. Participants must be in the 9th-10th grades in the current school year.  Cost is approximately $1100 plus the cost of a passport for travel to Canada.

No information for 2018 is yet available.

Western Spirit

The Western Spirit Trip is a Northwest and Southwest Regions bus travel experience to Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Jewel National Cave, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and more throughout the Western United States. On the trip, youth will participate in educational activities led by national service rangers, conduct a service project and enjoy some hiking and camping. The purpose of the trips is to create citizens who are educated about and advocates for conservation, preservation and the environment. Participants must be in the 9th-12th grades in the current school year.  Cost is approximately $1500.

More information about 2018 is: 2018 prelim American Spirit West Flyer


4-H Citizenship Washington Focus

Buffalo County can send several youth leaders to Washington, D.C. with other delegates from the state for a week of studying citizenship and government, along with sightseeing in June or July.  Young people to be considered should show positive development and leadership in all phases of 4-H work.  Participants must be in the 10th-12th in the current school year.  This experience costs about $1300.

More information on state webpage You can select your week preferences at registration.

June 16-24, 2018 CWF Week #3, National 4-H Center, Washington, D.C.

June 23-Jul 1, 2018 CWF Week #4, National 4-H Center, Washington, D.C.

July 7-15, 2018  CWF Week #6, National 4-H Center, Washington, D.C.

National 4-H Congress

Buffalo County can send up to three delegates.  National 4-H Congress will be held in November in Atlanta, Georgia.  Delegates participate in self-development seminars, tours and a service project, while exchanging ideas with youth from across the country.  Participants must be in 11th -12th grades in the current school year.  Cost is approximately $1200 and the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation sponsors a portion.

November 23-27, 2018 National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA



Wisconsin 4-H Key Award

Buffalo County can select up to two people to receive this award.  The award is sponsored by the WI Farm Bureau Federation and Affiliates.  Its purpose is to provide special recognition to 4-H members, who have shown consistent growth in their 4-H Program; who have developed their leadership ability; and who have been helpful members in their club and community.  4-H youth leaders considered for this award often apply as 12 graders of the current school year and have completed at least three years of 4-H youth leadership.

National 4-H Conference

Buffalo County can nominate one youth for further consideration by the state.  Six youth are selected to attend this working conference held at the National 4-H Center, Washington, D.C. in April.   Each participant selects an issue and works with other youth from across the country to develop plans to help direct future 4-H programming.  One day is spent on Capitol Hill meeting with legislators and touring.  Participants must be in 12th grade.  Cost is approximately $1,000.

Buffalo County 4-H Scholarships

Buffalo County 4-H Leaders’ Association will give up to four (4) $500 scholarships to high school graduating seniors who are current members / youth leaders enrolled in a Buffalo County 4-H Club. The 4-H member must enrolled in a post-secondary education at a university (four or two year campus) or technical college in the fall of 2014. The scholarships are provided at the discretion of the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders. The number and amounts of the scholarships may vary annually.

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