4-H Art Show is a Festival!

The 4-H Festival of Arts is an annual event sponsored by the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders’ Association and the Buffalo County Fair Association that allows 4-H youth to share their skills and talents by exhibiting in the following categories: arts, crafts, photography, marketing, communication arts (speaking), music and drama. Exhibitors received valuable feedback on how to further develop their skills from qualified judges in each area. The 4-H Festival of Arts is the showcase of a multitude of impressive and expressive 4-H youth performers and artists. The educational event was held Sunday, February 11, 2018 at the Alma Area High School. The event featured over one hundred unique youth exhibits and performances by fifty 4-H youth from across the county.

The following youth received merit awards in recognition of their excellent exhibits and performances:

Communication Arts-Speaking:  Poetry: Hannah Noll – Clover 4-H.  Prose: Hunter Wik – Clover 4-H, Hazel Wik – Clover 4-H, Finley Noll – Clover 4-H, Nessa Noll – Clover 4-H.  Play Reading: Finely Noll, Maddie Wik, Nessa Noll of Clover 4-H and  Addison Johnson of Cheerful Workers 4-H.

Instrumental/Vocal Solos: Allison George – Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Julia Moats – Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Philip Krzyszton – BBC 4-H, Kaleb Krzyszton – BBC 4-H, Rylee Rosenberg – Cheerful Workers 4-H, Grace Pichler – Hilltop Climbers 4-H.

Marketing:  Alison George – Hilltop Climbers 4-H 

Photography: Chloe Reed – Clover 4-H, Hunter Wik – Clover 4-H

Arts & Crafts: Anna Bragger – Montana Pioneers 4-H, Ethan Smith – Golden Hornets 4-H, Hannah Noll – Clover 4-H, Morgan Guenther – Lookout Legends 4-H, Aidan Lisowski – Golden Hornets 4-H, Finley Noll – Clover 4-H, Marley Brommer – Cheerful Workers 4-H, Makena Moline – Chippewa 4-H, Norah Lisowski – Golden Hornets 4-H, Hazel Wik – Clover 4-H, Azalya Hurlburt – Cheerful Workers 4-H, Bailey Brommer – Cheerful Workers 4-H, Brady Wilkerson – Cheerful Workers 4-H, Hunter Wik – Clover 4-H, Alison George – Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Alivia Pichler – Hilltop Climbers 4-H. 

Azayla Hurlburt, Hazel Wik, Finley Noll, Alison George, Alivia Pichler, Makena Moline, Morgan Guenther and Anna Bragger each took home a Best of Show or Reserve Best of Show ribbon for the art or craft in their age division.

Aidan Lisowski of Golden Hornets 4-H and Finley Noll of Clover 4-H received top arts honors at the 4-H Festival. Their artwork is advancing to the Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference State Art Show in Madison, Wisconsin, June 25-28, 2018.

Youth who received top merit awards in the photography division will have the opportunity to display their images in the University of Wisconsin – Extension webpage and social media for a period of time.

Top 20 Photography images included: , Julia Moats – Best Rural Life, Emily Walker – Best Black & White, Paige Danzinger – Best Close-up, Jake Linse – Best Wildlife, Morgan Guenther – Best Still Life, Abby George – Best Sepia, Bailey Brommer – Best Leading Lines, Finley Noll – Best Group, Hannah Noll – Best Child, Marley Brommer – Best Eyes, Aidan Lisowski – Best Texture, Abby George – Best Framing, Alison George – Best Forward Frame, Nessa Noll – Best Zoo, Abby George – Best Story, Morgan Guenther – Best Overall, Morgan Guenther – Best Plant, Austin George – Best Domesticated Animal, and Josh Linse – Best Kitten.

The 4-H Festival of Arts also featured a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) learning experience for youth and adults. Visitors engaged in creating their own metal stamping jewelry to show at the Buffalo County Fair.

With so many developing photographers in Buffalo County and Pepin County 4-H it was difficult to select a Top 20!

Minion Slime Action Center with Alison George and Kaylen Rud was the hit of the Festival!

Julia Moats performed parts of Hotel California on her guitar!

Aidan Lisowski and Finley Noll will exhibit their original artwork at the Wisconsin State 4-H Art Show in Madison in June.

Finely Noll and Alison George were both awarded top honors for their arts and crafts at the Buffalo County Fair as well.

Azalea Hurlburt and Hazel Wik received top awards in the Cloverbuds division.

Minion Slime Action Center with Alison George and Kaylen Rud was the hit of the Festival!

Best of Show and Reserve in the junior division was Finley Noll and Alivia Pichler.

Best of Show and Reserve for intermediate division was Morgan Guenther and Makenna Moline.

Kaleb Krzyszton of BBC 4-H Club earned a merit for his two instrumental performances.

Philip Krzyszton of BBC 4-H performs a piano piece.

Rylee Rosenberg of Cheerful Workers 4-H sings a vocal solo.

The Pichler Family enjoys creating metal stamped jewelry together as a family.

Anna Bragger of Montana Pioneers 4-H received Best of Show and Reserve in the Senior Division.

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