4-H Clover College Unveils New STEM Toolkits

4-H Clover College, that engaged youth and adults on March 11 at the Mondovi City Building in Mondovi, is a hands-on educational workshop for youth and adults. The concept of 4-H Clover College is to participate in a hands-on an exploratory class for a short while to gain 4-H project skills and be social with others. This year’s sessions were opportunities for 4-H members to try out two new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Discovery Toolkits, which use inquiry methods to engage young people in hands-on critical thinking and problem solving skill learning challenges and projects. Participants hand-stamped their own metal jewelry and used professional tooling techniques to create their own leathercraft articles. The participants included: Bella Bork, Michelle Moats, Julia Moats, Kayla Keith, Kendall Keith, Alison George and Ava Poeschel.

Bella Bork hand stamped her own metal cuff bracelet at the 4-H Clover College on March 11.

Alison George of Hilltop Climbers 4-H utilizes the Metal Stamping STEM Discovery Toolkit to create their own jewelry.

4-H Clover College participants Ava and Michelle Poeschel use a mallet to tool a leathercraft key fob.

Kendall Keith, an Eau Claire County 4-H member, lines up her leathercraft project at the 4-H Clover College.

Hilltop Climbers 4-H club member, Julia Moats, tools a leather coaster.

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