4-H members give shout out to their mentors

As part of their interviews that accompanied resume and cover letter applications for travel experiences in 2018, 4-H members let us know more about them as a 4-H leaders and, most importantly, who their 4-H mentor is. (P.S. We always have nachos in November. #Nachos).

Rylee Rosenberg is hoping to travel for new experiences to share. She plans to mentor Patience Larson.

Austin George’s mom is his mentor. #4Hopensdoors

Amy Losinski’s mentor is her club leader Shelly Loesel. She’s traveling on service-learning to California in 2018.

Samantha Berg loves the Buffalo County Fair and looks up to her mentor, Cassie Berg, her sister.

Julia Moats has two mentors who have helped her develop her beef showing skills – Austin and Abby George. #4Hismyfuture.

Alan hopes to build leadership skills in Madison at 4-H & Youth Conference. #4Hisalifestyle

Ben Pichler’s mom is his mentor and she has inspired him to serve others. #4-Hinspired

Grace Pichler is always #learningandleadingwith4-H.

Morgan Guenther is a 4-H #TrueLeader.

Alanna Hurlburt wants to learn about how people live in space during her travel experience to U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Reece Fernholz’s mentor is his grandma Sharon Fernholz and his most improtant experience so far has been National 4-H Shooting Sports Competition.

Josh Linse most values the dog project in 4-H and sees his mom as his most important 4-H mentor.

Sofia Sandberg’s mentor is Missy Ostertag and she hopes to learn about different cultures and places on FIVE travel. #4Hrocks

Olivia Taylor has enjoyed 4-H Camp Kinnissippewa the most and is gearing up to travel on FIVE in 2018.

Hunter Guenther’s 4-H mentor is Rachel Hovey and his most valuable 4-H experience to date has been is FIVE travel in the summer of 2017. #Nachos

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