July Meeting Minutes from the Hilltop Climbers 4-H Club

The Hilltop Climbers 4-H Club held their July meeting at the Marten Center on Sunday, July 22 at 4 pm.  Fair Tags were handed out. President Josh Linse called the meeting to order and the pledges were said.  The meeting started with a demonstration in the parking lot by Austin George.  Austin showed us how to get the fundraising can trailer hooked up and ready to take to a recycling center.  Patty stressed that more families are needed to help with this major money maker for our club.  Please let her know if you able to take cans to the recycling center.  Club members returned inside where Grace Pichler read the secretaries report and Hailey Bauer read the treasurer’s report.  Old Business:  Athank you to those who took cans to the recycling, and also a thank you to all the workers at the Buffalo County Dairy Breakfast.  Many different members spoke about 4-H trips, camps, STEAM, Foods Revue, Clothing Revue and the Horse Show.  New Business:  Some members helped with barn decorations during the meeting and Michelle reminded members if they did not giver her a  picture today, they needed to be sure to bring it on Wednesday, August 1st at 4:30, when the decorations will be put up.  Club members have until Wednesday, July 25 to let the extension office know if there are any mistakes on their fair tags.  Help is needed for the food stand shifts on Saturday.  Our club is responsible for 10:00 to 1:30 and we are in need of more workers.  Club members age 12 and over and parents are encouraged to help.  Help is also needed to hand out water during the livestock auction on Friday.  4 to 6 volunteers are needed, please let Patty know if you can help.  It is our club’s turn to help set up the fair.  Please help, the set up is from 8:30 to 2 on Tuesday.  Bring buckets and rags as we will be doing cleaning and set up.  Each family was given a copy of the Fair Events and Judging Schedule.  New at the fair this year is Blooper Judging.  Bring any blooper projects to stage area on Saturday at 9:30 am.  Reminder that project pick-up is at 4 pm on Sunday of the fair.  Please be respectful of that time and do not take them any earlier.  Record books are due to Patty by September 14th.  Patty is looking for Record Book Judging volunteers to help in Alma on September 16th.  The meeting was adjourned and Alan George gave a demonstration on his families new puppy.  Watch for details on our next meeting and have fun at the fair. Submitted by Kayla Howell, reporter

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