Livestock Clinic helps youth get show ready for the Buffalo County Fair

Nearly 70 youth and adults from throughout Buffalo, Pepin, and Trempealeau counties attended the Livestock Clinic that was held at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds the morning of June 11.Three half-hour sessions on the topics of rabbits and poultry, beef, dairy, sheep and goats, and swine were presented. Youth leaders in the project area taught and led the discussion surrounding each topic. Attendees learned tips on preparing for the fair, showing your animal, and showmanship techniques. The highlight for many youth who attended was being able to see and touch the animals that the youth leaders brought to demonstrate with. Youth leaders and teachers were Donniejo and Korlen Dittrich, Abby, Alan, and Austin George, Amber Kleinschmidt, and Catherine Pehler-Ziegeweid along with Buffalo County 4-H Alum, Andrea Rippley. Thank you to our youth leaders and teachers for sharing their talents to make this event a success.

Buffalo County 4-H Alum, Andrea Rippley, taught youth many lessons about the Goat Project.

Catherine Pehler-Ziegeweid of the Glencoe Hustlers 4-H Club demonstrated to youth how to properly hold animals of the Poultry species.

Abby, Austin and Alan George along with their cousin, Trevor Schultz shared their knowledge of showing Beef cattle.

Korlen Dittrich, an experienced Dairy exhibitor of the Golden Hornets 4-H Club, explained the importance of setting up your animal to show off their best features.

Siblings, Austin, Alan, and Abby George work together to share their expertise in showing Beef cattle.

Youth were able to get a close look at Amber Kleinschmidt’s rabbit and ask detailed questions.

Alan George shows the audience how to properly use a show stick to set a Beef animal up.

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