Local Libraries are Friends of 4-H

The 2017 Friend of 4-H Award was presented to three local libraries for their partnership in programming. Alma Public Library, Mondovi Public Library and Arcadia Public Library have each hosted University of Wisconsin, Buffalo County Sidewalk Science events for Buffalo County 4-H.  In addition, each library has their unique collaboration efforts that support Buffalo County 4-H clubs and members.

Rita Magno and Diane Wald of Alma Public Library received the Buffalo County 4-H Friend of 4-H award on October 20 at the library. For almost a decade, the Alma Public library and its staff has hosted Cochrane-Fountain City 4-H Afterschool students every Monday in the summer. This partnership has grown 4-H and provided an opportunity to build student literacy skills and retention during the summer. This is a strong partnership that will continue for many years to come.

Rita Magno and Diane Wald of the Alma Public Library were awarded the Friend of Buffalo County 4-H Award on October 20.

At the Mondovi Public Library, Arin Wilken, Director, accepted the Buffalo County 4-H Friend of 4-H award on October 19. The award was given due to Arin Wilken’s and Kathy Weiss’ collaboration in the last couple years focused on engaging the community. The Mondovi Public Library has always welcomed our 4-H members at the Mondovi Community Youth Center, but in the last year have developed an afterschool and summer STEM program partnership that increased student engagement and reinvigorated student interest in reading.

Arin Wilken, Director of the Mondovi Public Library, accepted the Buffalo County Friend of 4-H Award on Thursday, October 19 at the library.

Arcadia Public Library has been instrumental in intentional outreach and marketing efforts to reach unserved and vulnerable populations in the Arcadia area. Buffalo County 4-H and University of Wisconsin-Extension is excited about potential upcoming opportunities to partner on bi-cultural and bilingual programming. The library’s director, Jennifer Losinski, accepted the award on Thursday, October 19 on the Arcadia Public Library steps.

Jennifer Losinski, the director of the Arcadia Public Library, received the Buffalo County Friend of 4-H award on the library steps on Thursday, October 19.

The Friend of 4-H Award is provided on behalf of the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association and the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation through the generous support of their donors.

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