Mondovi Library, MCYC Partnership Program Catapults to a Start

Awesome Afternoons at the Mondovi Public Library and Mondovi Community Youth Center catapulted to a great start on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. The partnership between the Mondovi Library and MCYC allows elementary students in grades K-6 to spend two nights a week after school for the next five weeks engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and reading learning opportunities. On Tuesday and Thursday each week MCYC and Mondovi Library staff will lead students in interactive critical thinking STEM and literacy lessons. This week Kathy Weiss led half of the 30 students creating their own catapult and testing their designs with different materials to catapult. Josh Close facilitated a group reading of read-aloud books and choose-your-own adventure novels with the other half of the students. Awesome Afternoons include a snack and will encourage students to pair up to adopt-a-shelf in the library. For more information about the Mondovi Public Library contact Arin Wilken at or for more information about UW-Extension and MCYC find us on the web at


Mondovi Public Library’s Kathy Weiss engages youth in STEM learning activities at the first Awesome Afternoon.

Josh Close has students choosing their own adventure as part of the literacy program partnership between MCYC and the Mondovi Public Library.

Grace Pichler, a high school student employee at MCYC, aids a student in creating a catapult at the Awesome Afternoon.

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