Mondovi Police Department and UW-Extension talk safe social media with students

In response to recent digital photo sharing concerns in local schools, Mondovi Police Department Officer Adam Julson and University of Wisconsin – Extension Youth and Families Extension Educator, Annie Lisowski, partnered to provide resources to students and their families. On Monday, March 26  middle school and high school students at Cochrane-Fountain City School participated in internet safety education in a school assembly centered on:

  • Teen brain research related to internet safety and impulse
  • Students protecting their privacy and reputation online
  • How gender stereotypes play out in social media
  • Potential long term impacts of sexting and sharing private, personal photos
  • Responses to inappropriate images or texts one receives

Along with the presentation, parents received a family tip sheet that outlines ways one can follow-up with conversations with their child at home about necessary expectations and boundaries surrounding their phones and other digital devices.

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