New leadership at 4-H Afterschool strengthens program

4-H Afterschool students at Cochrane-Fountain City are engaged in social-emotional learning and skill development by a team of college and high school students.

The newest Program Coordinator at Cochrane-Fountain City 4-H Afterschool program is Savannah Sixty, a senior in Special Education at Winona State University. Sixty joined the program in September and since that time has continued to build the program with experiential (hands-on) and social-emotional learning opportunities in the classroom. As program coordinator, Sixty is responsible for providing leadership for the educational program, administration and staff delegation in conjunction with the 4-H Afterschool Committee. She is often observed integrating her coursework into the classroom and is eager to make the program her own in a way that best benefits students.

Sixty develops centers at 4-H Afterschool that engage students in hands-on educational opportunities after school.

Sixty is joined by a team of college and high school students who support nearly twenty young people each night after school. Sawyer Gibson, Tiffani Skroch, Erika Meyer and Taylor Stout help ensure the physical and emotional safety of the students and 4-H members. 4-H Afterschool aims to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving opportunties through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiments, the arts and service-learning opportunities. The afterschool program will double in size in the summer when 4-H enrollment in the club often reaches upwards of 50 students per week.

Sixty, a senior at WSU in Special Education, works with a student tracking his reading.

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