Quotes from Buffalo County 4-H Record Books

This is a compilation of some of our 4-H members’ record book stories. These are excerpts that were interesting, powerful or unique. Not all members are recognized and these are portions of stories from Service-Learning, Youth Leadership and Cloverbud pages only. These young people deserve to be applauded for taking the time to reflect on their 4-H project and club work over the last year and for giving back to others in the community. Enjoy reading what I read!


Youth Leadership

“My demonstration gave me a chance to be a youth leader during one of our club meetings. I explained to my club how to make slime and follow a recipe. I consider myself a youth because I taught my audience something.”  — Bailey Weisenbeck, Grade 5, Cheerful Workers 4-H club

“A good leader is patient and is a good role model. They are also organized and have things planned ahead of time. Children younger than me learned from me to be respectful and pay attention while still having fun.” – Sawyer Gibson, Grade 11, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H club

“I encouraged another girl to show dairy. She was in love with a brown Swiss calf that was at the fair and I mentioned to her that there are people that would let her show their animals if she worked with them. Now the girl plans on being part of the dairy project next year.” – Barbara Dittrich, Grade 10, Golden Hornets 4-H club

“Being able to listen and be kind to everyone are skills for effective youth leadership. Next year, I want lead a project with the Cloverbud group.” – Samantha Bork, Grade 4, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H club

“Meeting other kids from the county is fun. I am glad that I am in 4-H because I get to go to different places a do things.” – Josh Linse, Grade 7, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“I mentored a younger 4-H member in the beef project. She doesn’t have animals at her place, but wanted to show a beef heifer. She worked with my heifer this summer and showed her at the Buffalo County Fair. I taught her how to use a show stick and set up the animal correctly for the judge. We practiced questions about beef for showmanship. It was a good experience teaching. Some of the things I take for granted, I had to explain and show her.” – Austin George, Grade 9, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“Good leaders teach other people things. They listen and explain things. I am good at teaching things that I know a lot about. I learned how to explain things to others when I helped teach at STEAM camp.” – Alison George, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“One really great leadership skill of mine is that I am really comfortable speaking in front of large groups; I don’t get nervous. A skill I need to develop is organization.” – Sofia Sandberg, Grade 7, Lucky 16 4-H club

“My leadership experiences helped me gain new skills that I will use for the rest of my life.” – Curtis Weltzien, Grade 11, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H club

“I am a good listener and trustworthy which helps me be a good leader. I think the most important skill for leadership is the ability to listen. If you don’t listen, you can’t lead.” – Philip Krzyszton, Grade 9, B-BC 4-H club

“I always learn a lot from teaching others. Although I wasn’t signed up to be a youth project leader, I really did things to teach others in the beef and swine projects. My most favorite part of being a youth leader was working with a boy in our club on the beef project. I had helped him last year so it was fun to see what he remembered and teach him beef showing tips. He got especially good at the beef questions I quizzed him on. I also learned that showing them worked better than just talking.” – Alan George, Grade 6, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“Through my leadership I have learned how to be a better leader. Evert time I become a leader and lead something I learn something new, I use techniques that have worked in the past and try new ones. I hope that other people have learned how to become a leader and become better by watching me and seeing what techniques work and when. I also hope that younger kids look up to me and want to become a leader and strive to do their best. – Abby George, Grade 12, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“I believe it is imperative to have good judgement and clear foresight when I comes to working with young people. Not oly seeing the situation now but also seeing how the situation might change in the future and adjusting to that is very important. When making a decision, a good leader thinks about how his actions will influence the situation in the future. Because of this a leader must think carefully before acting.” – Grace Pichler, Grade 11, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club


Service Learning

“I am part of a small 4-H club, but we try to do good, where we can. Our club is making homemade cards and bookmarks that will be included in the backpack meals.” – Savannah Foust, Grade 5, B-BC 4-H club

“My club chose to do the Wrap a Gift project. My role was to help some of the younger members wrap present and tame them shut. I learned that not everybody gets a gift for Christmas and helping others makes you feel great.” – Lauren Kralewski, Grade 7, Cheerful Workers 4-H

“This year we made turkey table decorations for the Wabasha Health Care Center. My great grandpa lives there and he said everyone liked them. I think this is a good thing to do for the people who live there.” –Finley Noll, Grade 4, Clover 4-H

“This past year the C-FC FFA has developed a backpack program that helps feed needy children in our school. This program receives supplies that are delivered to St. John’s UCC Church in Fountain City on wooden pallets. I have helped unload and organize the food for this program for four months at the end of the last school year and now for this school year. I plan to be available each month when the supplies come in.” – Reed Wiersgalla, Grade 5, Golden Hornets 4-H club

“In December we went to the American Lutheran Home and we gave homemade cards to the residents and we sang Christmas songs. I think it’s good to do this so that the elderly do not feel lonely. In February, we decorated heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies with frosting and sprinkles. We gave trays of cookies to people in the community that support 4-H we wanted to say thank you to those that help us.” – Anna Pichler, Grade 3, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club



“I learned how to hand a show stick, I completed in my first ever Pee Wee cattle show by showing a miniature Herford named Xaela. I learned how to care for her by feeding, watering, washing, blowing and combing her.” – Landen Kidd, Grade 1, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H club

“I like being a 4-H Cloverbud because I like giving things to people that I make.” – Nessa Noll, Grade 2, Clover 4-H

“This year in 4-H I learned how to knit.” – Norah Lisowski, Kindergarten, Golden Hornets 4-H club

“The project I liked best was my desk. It was the best because I got to use tools with my dad. I started it all by myself.” – Madysen Kralewski, Grade 2, Cheerful Workers 4-H club

“This year the hardest thing for me to do inmy 4-H project was to make my birdhouse. My grandpa helped me pick out the design. It was really hard hammering all the nails into the boards. I picked a pink-purple color for my paint. I hope next spring the birds build a nest in it.” – Marley Brommer, Grade 3, Cheerful Workers 4-H club

“I like being a 4-H Cloverbud because I like to talk about my projects.” – Grace Larson, Grade 1, Cheerful Workers 4-H club

“I liked learning to sew the best. My grama helped me.” – Hazel Wik, Kindergarten, Clover 4-H

“I learned what geocaching was. It is really fun and like a big scavenger hunt. I have gone many times since we did it as a club with my family.” – Evie Bork, Grade 2, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H club

“Next year my goals in 4-H are to color in the lines.” – Patience Larson, Grade 3, Cheerful Workers 4-H club

“I learned to take pictures with a camera and make a poster with them.” – Trent Roetter, Grade 1, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“I like to go to STEAM camp because I get to make crafts. The leathercraft was the hardest part. The sewing was hard. My dad had to help me. It was hard because there was a knot in my lace and it was hard to pull it through.” – Elsie Pichler, Grade 1, Hilltop Climbers 4-H club

“I like being a 4-H Cloverbud because I can help others. Next year my goals in 4-H are to learn more about fishing and lures.” – Aidan Lisowski, Grade 2, Golden Hornets 4-H club

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