Reality Check! 2018 is March 29

The 12th Annual University of Wisconsin-Extension Reality Check Event will be at Durand High School on March 29.  Nearly 300 junior and senior students from school districts in Buffalo, Pepin and Pierce counties, including Cochrane-Fountain City, Mondovi, Gilmanton, Durand, Elmwood and Plum City will participate in this year’s full-day event.  The educational event is part of a larger UW-Extension Reality Check Program.  Intended outcomes are that:

  • students develop awareness and basic skills in the areas of responsibility, personal finance, informed decision-making, education and career, and important life choices.
  • all facets of the community connect with young adults in authentic ways and share their expertise.
  • schools are supported in meeting DPI Model Academic Standards in areas of Personal Finance and Family and Consumer Science, regardless of staffing capacity.
  • parents are supported in meaningful roles teaching and advising their children on personal and family finances, education and career choice, life choices and decision-making.
  • youth realize greater appreciation and respect for their parents, turn more to their parents for learning in the areas described above, and contribute to positive family financial practices.

The challenging and fun educational event simulates one month of real life for a mid-20-year old, in which students learn about and make decisions in nearly forty areas.  The areas, or “stations” are staffed by nearly 150 volunteers who serve to teach, encourage and guide the students in their decision-making as they navigate through the event.  Beginning with an employment interview, to calculating paycheck deductions, opening a bank account, managing a checkbook, making dozens of purchasing decisions and payments, and caring for children, students make ends meet for “one month” before successfully completing the event.  Also, as in real life, students encounter a few surprises throughout the experience with fate, health and law enforcement.

A couple photos from 2017’s event are below. Stay tuned for the 2018 gallery!

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