See what they learned with the Safety Day Photo Gallery

Safety Day program was held on July 26, 2018 at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Mondovi.

Ben Foust, of the C-FC FFA, modeled how to safely climb into a tree stand.

Pictured here are the participants and some of the volunteers from the 2018 Safety Day.

Annie Lisowski, the Buffalo County Youth and Families Extension Educator, taught a session to youth on drug awareness.

Youth listened in to Buffalo County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent, Carl Duley, teach safety tips on tools.

Mondovi FFA volunteer, Casey Denk, observes as a youth participant sees how difficult it is to move in a wheelchair.

With covered eyes, youth were able to experience how difficult it is to complete a simple task of putting Legos together without their sense of sight.

Blind spots was a topic covered at safety day with semi-trucks and buses.

The Mondovi Ambulance service allowed youth to learn and see the inside of a real ambulance.

Trinity Teigen is buckled in tight while learning about the equipment inside a Mondovi ambulance.

Participants put together a first aid kit that they took home at the end of the day.

Grad student, Abby Waters, leads a session on mental health.

John Zander teaches youth the importance of tractor safety.

Derek Anibas and John Zander demonstrate the power of a tractor and loader by destroying a watermelon.

During the tractor safety presentation, youth were taught the power of the PTO.

C-FC FFA members demonstrated to youth the correct ways to ride a 4-wheeler.

By sitting in a Marten Transport semi-truck, youth were able to see the blind spots drivers have.

Greg Poeschel, a representative from Alliance Bank, helps youth in and out of the truck while talking to them about the importance of staying a good distance away from large vehicles.

Youth experience how difficult it is to guide themselves in a wheelchair.

Bradlee Goetting, stands the near the front of the semi-truck so another participant inside can understand the blind spots of a large vehicle.

Abby Waters calls on a youth during her mental health session.

Youth see the aftereffects of the powerful tractor.

Bob Jumbeck presents to large groups about the importance of four-wheeler safety.

Bob Jumbeck had creative sayings to remind youth of the safety procedures they should always use.

Bob Jumbeck and volunteer participants from 4-H Afterschool and the Mondovi Community Youth Center demonstrate how this four-wheeler is too large for their age and size.

Youth ask many questions during the first aid session.

Another participant takes a try at putting a simple Lego structure together without their sense of sight.

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