STEAM @ Cochrane-Fountain City

STEAM Week 3 at CFC- Moveable mummies, Architect building kits, balloon and foil towers, oobleck dough, morse code, 3D printing pens! Using critical thinking skills, engineering and just plain using our brains in building while making a mess and having fun!






























































STEAM Discovery Days started with a bang! Literally! Students learned the art of leather making using various tools like hammers, stamps, and punches. Creating their own custom leather pieces. Students were exposed to the power of force in three different activities. In one, students learned about the force needed to move a marble through a roller coaster track made from pipe insulators. Gaining enough to move the marble all the way through was a challenge, but the students were up for it! In another, students used paint and salad spinners to make new designs on canvas. The students marveled over the different outcomes and how the different amount of force they put on the spinner would change the outcome! A favorite of the day was Bottle Tossing! Learning about the force needed to flip the bottle and land it, as well as the variable that can effect the bottle landing! Students also enjoyed learning about different shapes and the patterns you can make with them! Using Tangrams and mirrors they were challenged to create a multitude of things while also getting the opportunity to be creative and make their own! The other activity students participated in was discovering the pattern of their finger prints. Using ink and balloons, students enlarged their finger prints and discovered which of the three types of fingerprints they had. Overall, the first day of STEAM Discovery Days was a blast for students and staff and we are looking forward to our next week!

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