STEAM @ Mirror Lake in Mondovi

STEAM on June 20 for week three in Mondovi was a blast! Students created oobleek dough, learned about ancient Egypt and designed their own movable mummies, used 3D printing pens and coded messages with beads and morse code!

















































STEAM Discovery Days was a great way to get MCYC and many more community youth back into the summer! Students enjoyed a myriad of activities including Leather making, Bottle Tossing, Mirror Patterns and Spinner Art! In Leather crafts, students experimented with different stamps, punches, and types of leather in creating their pieces! So many cool new ideas come from leather crafting. In Bottle Tossing students experimented with different types of bottles, amounts of water in the bottle, and how high you toss from. Participants used the knowledge they had and what they learned to create the perfect bottle to flip and land! They learned how to work with tangrams and mirrors, creating patterns with them and taking note of how the mirror reflects different patterns different ways! A favorite of the day was Spinner Art, where students used salad spinners to create new designs with paint! Students learned that the force they used to spin the salad spinner would change the design outcome! It was a successful first week of STEAM Discovery Days and we are looking forward to the rest of summer!

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