Trust, Impulse and Safe Social Media Use – Mondovi Police Department and UW-Extension Partner

Mondovi High School students engaged in a discussion about trust, impulse and safe social media use with Officer Adam Julson of the Mondovi Police Department and Annie Lisowski, Buffalo County Youth & Families University of Wisconsin-Extension Educator on April 20, 2018. A significant piece of the training included encouraging students to consider who they put their trust in and what the implications might be if a relationship changes and trust deteriorates. Students also developed a deeper understanding of the teenage brain related to the development of the prefrontal cortex and impulse behavior. The presentation also relayed information about why young people choose to share inappropriate photos and videos. Officer Julson warned with Mondovi high school students of the criminal charges that could accompany taking or sending nude photos. The training closed with a questions and answer time with students.

Officer Julson and Lisowski asked students what if the trust you have with someone changes?

Officer Adam Julson, Mondovi Police Department, and Annie Lisowski, University of Wisconsin-Extension Educator

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