National 4-H Week Winners Announced!

The criteria for the National 4-H week displays were eye appeal, neatness, conveying national or county theme message, originality, local interest and number of people potentially reached by the display (if shared on social media and physical location of display).

Cash prizes for entries were awarded as follows:

1st  place         $50.00 – Cheerful Workers 4-H

2nd place          $35.00 – Lookout Legends 4-H

3rd  place         $25.00 – Clover 4-H

4th  place        $15.00 – 4-H Afterschool at C-FC

5th place         $10.00 – Hilltop Climbers 4-H

All other club’s entries – $5.00 – Golden Hornets 4-H, Bear Creek 4-H, B-BC 4-H and Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H

4-H Afterschool at Cochrane-Fountain City School

Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H Club, Hwy 95

Lookout Legends 4-H Club, Guenther home near Gilmanton


Clover 4-H Club at Noll Residence near Buena Vista

Bear Creek 4-H on Riverside Drive in Mondovi

Hilltop Climbers 4-H, at Alliance Bank in Mondovi

Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Corner of 37 and 10 on Tractor Central Property in Mondovi

Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Moats Residence on Eau Claire Street in Mondovi

Cheerful Workers 4-H Club, Lyster Church near Urne

B-BC 4-H Club at the Buffalo City Building

Golden Hornets 4-H Club at Wiersgalla residence on Hwy 35 across from Merrick State Park

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67 thoughts on “National 4-H Week Winners Announced!

  1. Hilltop Climbers – North Eau claire street sign. Colorful and I like the reusing of barn decorations from the fair!

  2. Awesome display by BBC 4-H. Great exposure at the Buffalo City Municipal Building!
    Special THANKS to Ken & Brenda Brion for the pumpkins & gourds.

  3. Nice job Cheerful Workers 4-H! Love how the theme is incorporated in all aspects of the display. Very creative.

  4. Lookout Legends sign is impressive and sure to get lots of attention on Hwy. 121! Neat and easy to read! Love the kids waving out the windows of the “home!” Great job!

  5. Hilltop Climbers – colorful and eye appealing! Great job – from youth to adults working together!!!!

  6. Way to go Lookout Legends, like the creativity of the hunting blind as a home and that anyone is welcome.

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