And the National 4-H Week Winners are…

Vote for your favorite sign by leaving a comment below! Displays are judged on eye appeal, neatness, conveying national or county theme message, originality, local interest and number of people potentially reached by the display.

Mill Creek 4-H

Golden Hornets 4-H

B-BC 4-H

4th place – Cheerful Workers 4-H

Lookout Legends 4-H

3rd place – Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H

5th place – Clover 4-H

Bear Creek 4-H

2nd place – Hilltop Climbers 4-H

Hilltop Climbers 4-H

Hilltop Climbers 4-H

1st place – Glencoe Hustlers 4-H

Close up of all the bees on the 4-H Afterschool sign

Cochrane-Fountain City 4-H Afterschool


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  1. I love the work the kids did to put together the Lookout Legends sign!!!

  2. I love how Cheerful workers involved all members and their ideas!

  3. Hill and Hollow has my vote, the wagon is decorated so nice and displayed in a nice location. Wouldn’t mind having a ride with all those kiddos.

  4. Hill and Hollow they worked really hard on this display and it shows

  5. Hill and Hollow, love all the kiddos with their very creative display wagon, would love to ride on that wagon with all those kids.

  6. Hill and Hollow Helping Hands 4-H Club,Neat display with a fall theme and all the members partisapating

  7. Lookout Legends is great! I love how easy it is to see, and it has a good message 🙂

  8. My vote goes to Lookout Legends! The size and neatness of your sign is very eye-catching when you drive by! Way to Go!

  9. Hilltop Climbers we all belong with the hands! Great location at corner of hwy 10/37

  10. Hilltop Climbers we all belong with the hands! Great location at corner of hwy 10/37

  11. Hilltop Climbers! Love the kids hard work. It’s what 4-H is all about!

  12. Love the Hilltop Climbers we all belong with the hands!

  13. Clover 4H looks awesome, and fits the theme perfect!

  14. Hill and Hollow because it used everyone in the 4h group and it was a amazing idea with the wagon instead of just using a sign to represent your 4h group

  15. I vote for Hill and Hollow 4H Club. Great location, right off State Hwy 95, for people to see as they are driving by. Good way to get the message out and celebrate 4H week. Enjoyed the colorful display of pumpkins and the kids participating!

  16. I vote Clover. Their sign will be seen by many with busy fall traffic to Buena Vista Park. Good curb appeal..

  17. Lookout Legends is my favorite, very neat and appealing to the eye.

  18. I vote for Hill and Hollow Helping Hands 4H Club. Awesome wagon display with the 4H members all participating. A lot of work went into this crafty display. It also brings awareness of celebrating 4H week to Buffalo County. Great job Hill and Hollow.

  19. Love the Hill and Hollow sign! It’s well decorated with some beautiful pumpkins, what a great display!

  20. Cheerful Workers members painted pictures of what “inspires” them and signed their names “in the 4-H”,
    Everyone did a good job and had a great time painting!

  21. That’s a lot of pumpkins- Hill and Hollow is my vote!

  22. Hill and Hollow, its interesting to see all the celebrities that were in 4-H. We All Belong!!!

  23. Glencoe Hustlers. I like the hands forming a circle arond the 4-H emblem.

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